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Outdoor Activities

Crete  has always been a crossroad of culture,since the time of the Minoan civilization through the ages Ottomans Venetians Egyptians and Greeks created a puzzle of culture that we find on our modern paths 

Created aproximately 300 milion years ago Crete seems like a barrier that separates the Aegean and the Libyan sea. Composed by marine limestones dolomites and other transformed rock through time and natures proccess a "playground" for outdoor enthusiasts took form, high mountain ranges deep ravines and canyons that are surrounded by crystal clear water coastline combine a terrain for active holidays for both sea and mountain lovers. On top of all that its geographical isolation helped it's fauna and flora to develope endemic characteristics, meaning tha those spiecies cannot be found anywhere else in the world. At the end the experience is concluted by Crete's  amazing cuzine, using local and sometimes fully organic ingredients.   

Gingilos mountain


Trails has always been a part of everydays life for centuries in Crete, it was the way of transportation for people, move the flocks to better pastures and a gateway to freedom throught the dire straits of resistance and revolution.... 

Climbing, Canyoning

A rope access activity paradise is hidden all around the island for those who seek a most thrilling experience...

Climbing in Crete
Bird Watching in Crete

Bird Watching

Crete is one of the major migration paths for birds. Despite the fact that there are no endemic species on the island it may be a nice interesting destination for bird lovers....

Wild Flower "Hunting"

Crete is the second plant-rich island of the Meditarranean sea with approximately 1800 species of plants. 180 of them being endemic, meaning that you cant find them anywhere else in the world...

Cistus Cretica
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