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Terra Petra Trekking

At Terra Petra Trekking, our passion for hiking led us to create a small local business dedicated to providing authentic outdoor experiences for travelers. As hikers ourselves, we know firsthand the importance of quality services and safe activities. We are thrilled to share with you the hidden treasures of the island of Crete and hope to inspire you to continue your active holidays with us. Contact us today to start your journey.

Outdoor Activities in Crete
Trekking Guide

Christoforos, owner and founder of Terra Petra Trekking is a local mountaineer, caver, certified trekking guide and outdoor activities fascilitator. Born in the mountains of west Greece was raised in the island of Crete since a young age were he fall in love with the magesty of Cretan Nature. Being a mountain refuge manager for several years along with personal expeditions abroad gave him the inspiration to create this small company in order to share the passion for activities and getting in touch with nature. 

Terra Petra Trekking is collaborating with local certified guides and small local businesses on dinning transportaion and hospitality in order to provide the most possible rich experience to its guests

Every activity is planned and executed based on Safety, Authenticity Nature protection and Conservation based on the Leave No trace  ethics

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