Terms & Conditions

All of our activities are open to anyone providing of good physical condition mental health and fitness. Terra Petra is always taking the proper measures for all participant's safety. Nevertheless outdoor activities involve a certain volume of risk.
All participants  aknowledge that risk
All participants are required to follow the guides  instructions  during the activity
Terra Petra Trekking is obligated to provide proper team equipment where this is needed
Terra Petra Trekking is not  is not responsible for any accidents or mishaps directly or indirectly related to the tour 

We strongly recomend before booking an activity review your personal or traveling insurance that covers your needs in case of injury, property loss or death

The itinerary may be changed  or canceled by the guide without warning  when there are active  dangers such as  bad weather conditions (storms, heat wave etc) trail conditions natural disasters or other unexpected and emergency events.
Such a changes is not a reason for a refund
The guide reserves the right to change or cancel the itinerary without warning in case of poor groups dynamic or physical condition and inability to complete the activity. Such a changes is not a reason for a refund
The guide has the right to reject one or more participants in case inability to complete the activity or in case of offensive or aggressive  behavior that endanger the wellfare of him/her or others without the right to a refund 
In case that the participants wish to change the itinerary extra charges might arise.

All participants are responsible for their personal equipment and are obligated to have proper equipment as instructed by the guide
All participants are obligated to declare any medical conditions health issues such as alergies disabilities that may interfere with the activity and need special attention. 

Outdoor Activities has adventurus character and may involve discomfort and certain ammount of risk that may lead to property damage or loss injury or illness, inconvinence, all participants aknowedge that fact. 

Bookings - Deposits

During our correspondence you will be asked to deposit a minimum of 30% of the total price of the activity depending on the form of the activity and the size of the group.
The total balance must be covered by the date that the activity is scheduled


Cancelation requests must be send via email at trekking@terrapetra.eu and a cancelation fee will be charged based on the date of the cancelation.
30 to 16 days before the deposit will be kept
15  to 7 days before 50% of the whole value will be kept
6 days or less 100% of the value will be kept


Photography and Video

During the activity participants may be photographed or video recorded. All footage is used by Terra Petra rekking for promotion purposes and advertising. In case some of the participants does not wish to be seen in our promotion campaign
should declare so by email at trekking@terrapetra.eu